Are You An Olivia Manila Lady?

“We feel welcomed to your family, that line between buyer and seller is long gone. You have bridged a gap no other brand has ever done. Honestly, they should start taking notes.” -Aly Lanuza, 24, HR Professional 


Recently, Olivia Manila celebrated its fourth year in the biz. And while the brand prides itself with the impeccable customer service and timeless pieces, we would like to share the limelight with our amazing tribe.

We treat our customers like family because it’s easy to extend what we already have inside the company. And just like family, there will be arguments, sometimes misunderstandings, but most of all, fun and heart warming conversations. This month, we give you a glimpse of some of our Olivia Manila ladies.


Name: Aly Lanuza
IG handle: @alylanuza

Night owl or Early Bird: Early Bird
Mountains or Beaches: Beaches
Flats or Heels: Heels
Maximalist or Minimalist: Depends on my mood?
Slim feet or wide feet: Wide feet
Cold weather or Sunny: Cold weather
Pair you use for date nights: Sheena
Pair you use for errands: Diana or Pebble
Pair you use at home: Cora
Most worn out pair: My first ever Charlie (RIP)
Havent worn pair: None
Pair you’ll gift to your bff: Celeste 💝

O: When & how did you know about our brand?
A: Some time before the first lockdown in March 2020, I came across an instagram sponsored ad. I checked out the IG page and decided to follow for the promos.

O: Do you remember the first pair you ordered? What style & why did u choose it?
A: I think I first ordered charlie black in suede. It was such a classic pair and I've always been inlove with strappy, minimalist styles. I definitely wore that out lol

Charlie Suede in Black

O: I hope you don’t mind but how many shoes and clothes do you own from Olivia Manila?
A: I now have about 35 pairs of Olivia Mnl shoes. Love Jenny pieces have definitely taken over my walk-in closet save for some winter pieces so I'd say I have close to 100 pieces, or maybe more, in my wardrobe right now and I've probably gifted another 30 to my friends and family abroad.

O: Shopping preference: website or live stream?
A: Definitely a Live selling type of girl! I've joined a countless number of FB and IG lives from the brand and it's a different experience every single time. You always get more than what you pay for. I tend to suffer from buyer's guilt but with Olivia Mnl lives, because I'm enjoying, every piece I buy is worth it.

O: Favorite pair?
A: Oooh the favorite pair is definitely a hard question. I have to say it's Cora for that casual-at-home look and Sheena for a more sophisticated and classic fit.


Cora LeatherCora Leather in Old Rose

Sheena Leather

Sheena Leather in White

O: Favorite Olivia Manila memory?
A: There's so many but my top 1 would definitely be the impromptu Karaoke where even Jen let loose and graced us with her karaoke performance (I still have videos! 🤣)

O: If you’re part of the live team, who are you most likely to be?
A: I guess I'm more like Jen. I tend to be impulsive (hence, the 'Mine all colors' comments lol) and kalog but I'm also very passionate. I wear my heart on my sleeve too. I see a lot of that in her.

O: Three adjectives that best describe Olivia Manila?
A: Honest. Dynamic. Epic.

O: What do u love/appreciate more about this brand?
A: The genuine appreciation for every item I purchase, the warm welcome every single time I log on to your live selling, the compassion and patience of your CS and back office team— all this and so much more has revealed the heart of Olivia MNL. I supported and continue to support you because you make me feel that I am not just a number in your accounting books. You make us feel important regardless of whether we buy something or not. We feel welcomed to your family, that line between buyer and seller is long gone. You have bridged a gap no other brand has ever done. Honestly, they should start taking notes.

O: If there’s any advice you can give to the team, what would it be?
A: I've gone into lengthy conversations on this with other members of your community (shoutout to the lovely ladies of the OOG). We just hope that you don't spread yourselves too thin. Check the trends of your lives. What's the least number of viewers/buyers you've had during a live? What's the most number of viewers/buyers? What time do majority of the people log on? You're able to take care of us only when you all care for yourselves too. And although we applaud the bionic hosts for being there day in and out, we worry for all your health too. You are all too passionate that you neglect rest. It's okay to hold back too 😁

Thank you, Aly for sharing your Olivia Manila journey with us! We’ll see you in the lives!

How about you? Would you want to be the next Olivia Manila lady to be featured? Shoot us a message and tell us why you can be the next one!


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