Taking Comfort to New Heights

        According to Hollywood stylist Micaela Erlanger, the most important shoe in your wardrobe is the one you can walk in. That is why it’s important for even the most stylish femmes to don heels that add height and comfort. However, heels are notorious for their reputation of being hard to walk in, but there’s a standout heel variety that you can wear all day and night. 

        Platform heels are heeled shoes with an obvious thick sole. They’ve been in vogue for those in need of a little boost in height since 220 B.C. In the 90’s, platform heels were the shoes du jour because of the international girl group sensation, the Spice Girls. Now, they’re back in style with a chic and modern twist.

        By popular demand, Olivia Manila is releasing its first ever platform heels, the Clara (PHP880). These strappy, minimalist shoes are so easy to style that you can wear them at work or play (or even at home). They’re perfect for casual hangouts with the girls and even for special occasions. Made with synthetic leather, the Clara comes in four lovely colors, namely black, white, nude, bone leather and blue.

        Wearing heels not only makes you look taller, but also boosts your confidence level. With platform heels like the Clara, you can seize the day without hurting your pretty feet in the process. As the old saying goes, high heels take you closer to heaven, and the Clara is the first of many platform heels Olivia Manila will be offering, so stay tuned for more.