Taking a Wide Stride

       The struggle can be real for wide footed femmes. It can be heartbreaking to set your eyes on a pretty pair of sandals only to try them on to find that they don’t look good on your feet.

       However, don’t be distressed! There are a lot of beautiful shoe styles that flatter your shoe size, so you can take sashay all day with comfort and confidence. Here are Olivia MNL’s picks for beautiful belles with wide feet:

Jayla Leather

Jayla in White

       Every girl’s got to have a nice pair of ballet flats. The Jayla flat shoes are perfect for wide-footed ladies who need a practical pair for daily use. The Jayla comes in Old Rose, White, Black, Nude, and Light Gray.


Oak Leather

Oak in Bone

       Practical yet stylish, the Oak flats are your perfect partner for everyday wear. Available in Gray, Old Rose, Bone, White, and Tan, you can easily mix and match them with any work or lounge outfits.


Pebble Leather

Pebble in Gold

       Rain or shine, the Pebble sandals will keep your feet dry and cute at the same time. An excellent pair to wear at home or while out on errands, these are available in Gold, Black, and White. 


Gabbie Leather

Gabbie in Light Gray

       Sophisticated grace and comfort come together in the form of the Gabbie flats. A trendy pair you can wear easily with your elegant ensembles, the Gabbie comes in Black, White, Old Rose, Olive Green, Beige, and Light Gray.


Elena Suede

Elena in Tan

       For dressier ensembles, you can always rely on the Elena flats. Its pointed tip elongates your feet, giving you the appearance of having long, slender feet. This gorgeous shoe is available in Old Rose, Nude, Tan, and Black. 


Xena Leather

Xena in Nude

       If you’re in need of a little boost, you can pair your outfit with a lovely pair of Xena heels. Made for casual days with a dash of dressy, the Xena heels are available in Black, White, Bone, Beige, Old Rose, Olive Green, Lt Gray, and Nude.

       These classic and trendy pairs not only look good, but feel great on your feet as well. Above all else, don’t forget to wear them with confidence. After all, confidence is a girl’s best accessory.