Who is Olivia?

“To provide ladies’ footwear to make women feel empowered.”

Such a tall order for a simple mom of two, but she was so determined to bring her own brand of elegance and fashion into the mainstream. Jen, the founder of OliviaMnl, is set to create waves in the footwear industry. Hailing from the heart of Makati City, Philippines, in a studio apartment, the backyard business that is OliviaMnl is now a fashion powerhouse having multiple brands under its roof. It has grown into a trendy, socially relevant and caring family-oriented company that we all know to deliver not just comfy and fashion-forward items, but also exemplary customer service.

The road to success isn’t just about the destination, it is who you are becoming in the process. It is the journey that we take on together. This brand’s metrics goes beyond selling, it is in extending our core values into each and every household that has our label. It is in treating our customers as how we would treat each other in the company: as family—a secret we don’t mind sharing with everyone.