Olivia Gives Back

       Indeed and in deed. Just like the brand’s essentials line “Olivia Cares”, helping the community takes precedence when natural calamities strike. It was such a surreal feeling the day it was announced that the whole country will be under quarantine. We were swept with confusion and worry. “Where do we go from here?” was the unspoken question everyone wanted to ask but was too afraid to. Business was struggling and the community was bleeding. We were brought to our whys. And our biggest why is empowerment. But how do we empower other people when we ourselves feel powerless?

       We saw neighbors helping each other, people providing support for their community. There were some that volunteered to feed strangers, putting their lives at risk. That time, we were overwhelmed with emotions because we were so inspired by these selfless efforts. And then it hit us, we can empower one another. We can be each other’s inspiration.

       Enhanced Community Caring. Last April, Olivia started its very first donation drive. We focused on our inner circle first, giving assistance to our employees. Then by proximity, we gave groceries to the tricycle drivers that is stationed in front of our previous office in Makati. The second wave of the drive, we decided to tap 500 senior citizens in Brgy. Palapala, San Ildefonso, Bulacan, providing grocery items once again followed by our suppliers in Liliw, Laguna. The company was also able to provide PPEs for our front-liners in San Lazaro Hospital.

       Sharing a Milestone. By July, the country was still under community quarantine. Students were already anticipating an alternative way of learning in the confines of their homes: online classes. But not everyone was equipped with gadgets, that’s why Olivia thought of sharing our anniversary month being grateful by giving away 11 tablets to deserving students who were nominated by our very own Lovies. Our hearts were once again filled with gratitude as we read the nominations.

       Taken by storm. The ultimate plot twist came when we thought we were almost done with this pandemic. Typhoon Ulysses came and took what little hope we had left of bouncing back up. The whole country was devastated and we were once again called to extend help in the most challenging time for everyone. But with a full heart, we were able to provide cash donations to our internal partners—our suppliers and riders. Olivia was also able to partner with Iskoop (University of the Philippines) giving cash and clothing donations and providing groceries to be distributed to affected families.